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  • MMA (mixed martial arts) is a unique creation.
  • When MMA was founded, it was a no-rules atmosphere, anything goes.
  • Fighters of all different styles were coming together to fight in the octagon.
  • As MMA started to progress over the years, new rules were implemented in order to prevent injuries of the athletes.
  • In the early years of UFC it was considered to be an underground violent sport.
  • As time progressed, more and more people started to accept it. And now it has become a world-wide mainstream event.
  • MMA is a combination of kicking and punching techniques (that come from boxing, kickboxing, thaiboxing, taekwondo ….) as well as wrestling and throws (that come from wrestling, judo …..) and ground game (that come from jiu-jitsu, sambo ....).
  • MMA fighters are now experienced of many different forms of martial arts and fighting sports.


Peter "Duran" Križanovič - he has been training wrestling for 13 years, has fought approximately 800 fights, most of them won, was a Slovak representative, Slovak champion in 2014, 2.place in World sport festival. He is training jiu-jitsu for 6 years, has fought approximately 100 fight, most of them won, is an owner of blue belt, won Pit bull west coast cup and Sai storm Martin. He is training MMA for 6 years and has many amateur fights and 8 professional fights.
Marek Medovarski - the winner of Slovak amateur MMA league, former member of Serbian national kickboxing team, multiple champion of Serbia in all kickboxing disciplines, vicechampion of Balkan in WAKO federation and a student of PE Faculty in Bratislava.