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  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym

Training for kids and youngsters

  • We adjusted the training of muay thai for kids and youngsters, in order to help their physical and mental development.
  • At our gym the safety is really at first place. We want them to get rid of redundant energy and we do not want them to come home beaten or frustrated.
  • The youngest train strictly without any contact to the head and youngsters use only limited contact.
  • At the beginning of each training we focus on coordination which is the most important attribute to their development in early age (rolls, head stands, hand stands, jumps...).
  • After this, they are being taught basic movements and techniques of a thaiboxing.
  • We realize that it is important to train kids and youngsters in a way they enjoy it and have fun and not only train them through the repetition of monotonous drills. We use different games to keep their attention during the training.
  • These trainings are for kids between 5 and 15 years.



  • Mgr. Marek Biskup - a licensed trainer of Czech Muay Thai asociation, has been already training people for 8 years, besides has also experiences with another sports such as boxing, MMA, jiu-jitsu, wing-tsun, powerlifting.
  • 1+1 for free, 2+2 for free

    • Do you have a child and are you looking for somebody who can fully focus on development of his coordination? Moreover, train him step by step the basics of boxing, thaiboxing or mma? Besides this, you want to train with him and get rid of stress? In our sports club you pay just for his training and you train for free (or 2 chlidren and 2 parents for free).