Titan Gym

Titan Gym

The TITAN GYM was founded in 2009 by Mgr. Marek Biskup who is also its president. Our sports club would like to present fighting sports to the general public. At the moment you can train at our sports club thaiboxing, boxing and MMA. Our intention is to unify people, who primary do not want to compete in a ring, but simply want to train and improve their skills. Students and working people, both men and women, are trained in our sports club. We do not have separate women training anymore, as many women train at our sports club together with men. We provide a pleasant atmosphere during training and we always have good groups, therefore only friendly people are welcome in our club.

Reasons why people do fighting sports are:

  • Self-defence: The advantage of fighting sports is that everybody can experience what it feels like to hit someone or to be hit. However, the safety of the trainees is our priority and we look after it.
  • Physical condition and appearance: Many people want to improve their physical condition, flexibility, endurance and appearance. Fighting sports are almost excellent for this purpose. However, keep in mind, that If you want to lose weight, you have to combine training with appropriate eating habits and life style.
  • Relaxation: People very often use fighting sports to release everyday stress.
  • Adrenaline: The next reason is the production of adrenaline during training. For many people this is very pleasant, but for some it can be a challenge, but motivating. Everyone will learn how to deal with this here, because it is very important in everyday life.

Unfortunately, some people want to train fighting sports so that they can cause people harm, or sometimes they want to fight outside the gym.

If your reason is not last one, you are very welcome at our gym.

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Kontakt: 0907 650 869 info@titangym.sk Átriové domky blok E, Vysokoškolské mesto Ľudovíta Štúra, Staré Grunty, Bratislava