Titan Gym
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Titan Gym

  • COVID RESTRICIONS: We are fully opened for everyone.

Why you should start training in our gym:
  • 4 sports to choose : thaiboxing, boxing, MMA and BJJ
  • Women´s and kids training,
  • Group and private trainings,
  • Training in the morning before your job, or during the day,
  • New members can join us anytime.
  • We do not force anybody to do sparrings or to fight in a ring,
  • We take care of cleanliness and hygiene,
  • Profesionally-equiped gym in which we constantly buy new usefull equiment.
The TITAN GYM was founded in 2009 by Mgr. Marek Biskup. Our sports club would like to present fighting sports to the general public. At the moment you can train at our sports club thaiboxing, boxing, MMA and BJJ. We also offer training for women, which is contactless and training for kids and youngsters. For demanding clientele we offer private trainings, besides group trainings. Our intention is to unify people, who primary do not want to compete in a ring, but simply want to train and improve their skills. We provide a pleasant atmosphere during training and we always have good groups, therefore only friendly people are welcome in our club.